Knife Care  


Is the blade made from a high carbon steel or stainless?

High carbon steel blades (52100, 1095, Vtoku-2 etc) are more susceptible to rust than knives made from stainless steels, and they require more diligence in care. They will also develop a patina over time (colourful surface oxidation on the blade)- this is normal, adds character and helps protect against corrosion.

Keep your knife clean and dry when not in use.

Your knife is NOT dishwasher safe, rather it should be cleaned with warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

For high carbon steels you may wish to apply a thin coat of food-grade oil to the surface regularly (It will arrive coated with food grade mineral oil, which is perfectly safe for consumption, though you may wish to wipe it off before use).

We recommend using a cutting board made from plastic or wood. End grain boards are preferable and will give better edge life. Never cut on ceramic plates or steel/iron cookware.

Keep your knife away from heat and flames as this will damage and dull the edge.

Your knife should be sharpened as needed using whetstones, a sharpening wheel or honing rod to keep it functioning well. A leather strop is a great addition to your arsenal. These remove micro burs that form through use and help keep the edge aligned. Simply, they help you keep you blade sharp with longer intervals between sharpening.

A note on honing rods. Our knives are harder than most production knives. Some reaching 65 Rockwell C Scale. A regular honing steel that butchers typically use is not appropriate for a high hardness knife. Commercial butchers blades are relatively soft at 56-58 Rockwell C. You will chip and damage the edge of a 60+ Rockwell C blade with a regular honing steel. If you want to use a honing rod invest in a ceramic hone intended for high hardness steels.

To prevent rust and damage, it is best to store your knife on a magnetic knife rack or in a clean drawer, NOT in a sheath, saya or in its original packaging.

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We hope you enjoy your new kitchen tool :-)